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$850 of $1,000

This year Allytics is conducting a HopeLink fundraiser to help those families and individuals in need. Our goal is to raise $1000 dollars and Allytics will match up to $1000. Feel free to donate any amount you’d like and thank you for your contribution!

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Allytics Fundraiser

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Allytics Inc.

Raised $850.00

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  • Our Donors
    • Robert Doi

    • Rich Todd

    • Dunya Riechelson

    • Margaret Sullivan

    • Rachel Bosma

    • Wendy Saffel

    • Joseph Huber

    • Riley Broad

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  • Your Donations

    Donations made through our virtual food drives and fundraisers will be used to support Hopelink’s greatest needs fund.

  • Thank You from Our Team!
  • Hopelink’s Mission

    To promote self-sufficiency for all members of our community; we help people make lasting change.