Fundraising Resources

Media Package 


To download the available media package please click here

Publicity is key to a successful drive. Display the available resources in key public areas such as a front desk, break room, classroom or neighborhood community center. This media package includes tools for social media, email, mailbox newsletters and more.  For in-person collections, crates and sleeves are available at the Kirkland location for pick up.


 Helpful Fundraising Tips

1. Share your passion for Hopelink’s mission – Why is Hopelink important to you? Why did you choose to fundraise for Hopelink? By sharing your passion for giving back, your audience will make a connection to your story and want to be a part of it.

2. Get creative -This is an opportunity for you to be as creative and imaginative as you would like. You can host a birthday fundraiser, conquer a fitness challenge for donations; the options are endless! If you’re looking for some inspiration, visit our website for ideas to get your fundraiser started.

3. Kickstart your campaign -People will follow your lead, and by making the first contribution you are encouraging others to become involved.

4. Start close to home – Your most loyal supporters will likely be your closest friends and family. You will feel most comfortable sharing with them, and they are the most likely to donate. Start your campaign by sending messages to your community and encourage them to spread the word to gain more support for your cause. Once you have raised contributions from those close to you, you can reach out to others using email and social media.

5. Spread the word – Use social media, email, a newsletter or word of mouth to spread the buzz about your drive. When using social media, be sure to tag Hopelink and use the hashtag #fundraise4Hopelink so that we can show our gratitude to you, as well as your friends and family.  We have made some digital assets for you to help! Download Here.

6. Follow-up – Be sure to follow up with people you’ve shared your fundraiser with. Ask people to help you reach your next milestone or final goal. Send emails including highlights, milestones and additional reasoning for why your fundraiser matters.

7. Keep it simple – Simply attach your fundraising link to your social media post, email or whichever means of communication you choose. Simplicity will ultimately lead to a more successful fundraiser!


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  • Fundraising Tips

    Download a PDF HERE

  • Media Package

    Printable flyer and media to promote your drive or fundraiser click HERE

    Social post example that says: Help support Hopelink!

  • Hopelink’s Mission

    To promote self-sufficiency for all members of our community; we help people make lasting change.