Icertis Giving October – Virtual Food Drive

Organized by Icertis Inc.

My Goal

$0 of $1,500

As you know, as a company we are celebrating the month of October as “Giving October” to reinforce our commitment to our Third Ring of Responsibility (#TakeCareofCommunity). Starting Monday Oct 10th we will be doing a food drive with Hopelink, a local Bellevue charity that serves homeless and low-income families. If you are interested, please consider donating here and we will ship it to them.

Child eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
General Donation

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Variety of granola bars
Granola Bars
60 Bars

Price: $22.00

Boxes of mac n' cheese
Mac and Cheese
20 Boxes

Price: $18.00

Boxes of crunchy raisin bran cereal.
5 Boxes

Price: $16.00

Jar of spaghetti sauce
Spaghetti Sauce
24 Cans

Price: $26.00

Bottles of vegetable oil
Vegetable Oil
48oz Bottle

Price: $6.00

A variety of cans of soup
Hearty Soup
15 Cans

Price: $20.00

Boxes of Ben's Original rice.
8 Bags

Price: $19.00

Cans of fruit cocktail
Canned Fruit
15 Cans

Price: $12.00

Jars of peanut butter
Peanut Butter
2 Jars

Price: $9.00

Cans of tuna
Canned Tuna
12 Cans

Price: $19.00